perfect hair club
this isn`t supposed to be art or anything, its just an imperfect collection of comics. most of which mean nothing. i hope you like it! i really do! but if you don`t i don`t think i can change for you.
'mama's quilting bee'
'hottest summer day for a southern rose'
MY APOLOGIES DEAR. so i know i’ve been gone for quite some time, but life happens, unfortunately even to bloggers. (i know it’s weird right) i recently applied to this scholarship thingy called ‘young arts’ in the hopes that my poor butt might wrangle up some c0llege fund$$, and since some of you have been wondering what my serious work looks like, the next few posts will be some of my traditional pieces. i will also be answering a minutia of the buttload of questions you guys send me, and hopeful eventually make a couple more comics. 
this piece is called ‘yoko’ and it is about yoko ono and the power dynamics of hair!!!